Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gimme a gun right now!

I'm sweating when I'm writing this, still the ceiling fan is on full speed. It's not about the heat, I dunno why. I had this feeling, a feeling that I can't explain. If someone hand me a gun right now, I'll go out and kill all those politicians and leaders who rule this nation. Kill them all, spare no one. Why? would you ask yourselves this question? Why? Why live in such a land where they live happily and have some lame excuse for all the happening. It's everyone's land, not theirs alone. They get to sit safely, we are the ones who suffer. Watch your loved ones vanish in some train accident or a riot or some terrorist attack. Still they don't do anything, do they?

You may have a kid to raise, a family to look after. I'm may be same after sometime. Excuses for not doing what i felt now for my motherland, this corrupted nation. Doesn't change a thing. Adjusts with this society, silently giving up.

So I say, hand me a gun right now!