Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And The Saga Continues

It's not lifeless its read Life Lex, Lex as in Lexical Analysis. Is that too tech? (Naaa, of course not) Well I felt like changing the name. Just felt like that, for no good reason. Or like it could be sound of vuvuzela + a cup of coffee and some crackers that made me do this. Well anyway, its like the story of the kid, who served old wine in new glass (not really), the main reason that I could actually point to this change is "O". Yeah, the thing after N, O, I missed "O" in my previous blog url, it was lyricsflife and not lyricsoflife as the later was taken by someone *sigh*. Anyway, this is gonna stay, for a while. And I'll try to blog soon :P

Friday, June 11, 2010

If You Are Not Watching This

If you are not watching the 19th edition of the largest sports phenomenon, yeah the FIFA World Cup 2010 - South Africa, you are probably stuck half way on the Mount Everest or maybe hanging down a bungee, that the rest of the crew left for South Africa or maybe you are dozed off by a tranquilizer, where the guy misjudged you to be a wild kangaroo or maybe you are running a never ending marathon or maybe you are so in deep trouble, where those guys don't give you a TV or a remote or maybe you are a victim of the-never-ending-war-for-tv-remote-between-mom-sister-cousins-and-the-dog kind of situation or maybe you are pregnant or maybe you are a die hard cricket fan, and you don't realize that the world is spinning around the sun or maybe you could be even dead or might be sleeping!

Wake up dude! It's happening the FIFA World Cup and its happening in, what is believed to the birth place of humankind, and this is seen as "returning home, to Africa". South Africa hosting its dream tournament which is its big break to attract the world and to take the next step in development, and the event is huge supporter of education. What are you waiting for? Kick your mother off the wicked TV soaps and go tune into this epic event!