Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Two Full Moons

This place have been always so special. Watching what man had created till the end of what your eyes can see. The lights and the sun, hundreds of red lights blinking in the sky, the smoke and the trees.

It was a full moon the last time I was here. I was with her. We saw a wishing star that day. I wished I never met her. This place showed me how little and peaceful everything really was. They didn't give me much time to live, not even to smile.

Its a full moon today. I could see the darkness and the roads. Endless trail of red lights, the lone chopper flying over the highest buildings, the little campfires over the beach, the drop of the mountain sky. I saw everyone's life in mute. No screams, no horns, no more pain. Just me and this cold wind. I jumped down the cliff, into the clouds so serene. The embrace.