Thursday, March 01, 2012

Almost Got Bit

This is very well an untrue story. Every character in this story is an imaginative experiment. This is a story.
Second year of college. This time when you suddenly feel the power to question and take up things that might end up screwing you in the wrong hole. Anyway, we used to live in a house we rented out near the college. Everyone was very much active in politics and stuff like that. One fine day, there was a party meeting, the one where the party dignitaries come and talk everyone into how awesome they do stuff and all. This meeting started off with a big procession and shouting slogans against the rival parties; party to be exact. The whole thing was a pointless blabber after that, the great comrades telling the greatness they are and how they won everyone independence. There was a talk about how the rivals are looking to attack everyone of this party, this was crazy as there was a warning even to be vigilant and precious.

The night followed. Some of the inmates chose to sleep; two to be exact. The rest of us decided to pay some seniors a visit to see how they are doing and of course there was caroms. After some finger-muscle twisting and flying Boric acid, we were returning. Instead of taking the longer main road, we walked along the shortcut. There were some houses behind the place we lived; three to be exact and the rest was a big ground and a community pond. The was a three way junction, were one way leads to the ground and the other way to the place where we live, beyond the three houses.

Half way around, we started seeing people walking towards us. They stopped near the turn, maybe because there were many of us; six to be exact. They were wearing black, possibly covered in some black paint or something, also wearing masks (no kidding, real masks, like old burglar masks). As we walked past them, they had axes, hammers and sticks in their hands. There was an awkward bit of silence. Everyone ran (read walked) past them quickly into the house. The last person, luckily a strong guy, strongest to be exact, saw one of those guys running towards the us and the door. He slammed the door and pushed it really hard. The door wasn't properly shut as his slippers got under it and the guy had his fingers between the door. What followed after that was a big 300 like shout (I honestly don't know why we shouted instead of screaming). Everyone was running haywire, locking  the back door, windows and trying to wake up the sleeping duo. The one of them sleeping never believed anything I said, and just thought we were shouting for fun. 

We overpowered the others pushing the door, the guy whose hand got stuck must have suffered gravely. Finally we managed to close the door after some serious pushing. They removed the bulbs from outside, we couldn't see anything through the windows. Suddenly there was glass shattering sound from everywhere. Then one guy broke the main window, pointing the sword like thing or a vadivaal inside. They could possible see everyone, we could see only the hand and the sword. It was rusty till the base and looked unused, like forever. That guy only spoke even, warned us and told that this was the last (of course after half a minute of endless swearing), and if either of us were involved in politics, they would end us. They were even specific about the names, two of us to be exact. They broke some more glass panes and ran away. The first thing we did was call the police. 

The next two hours went so fast, people came in, ran around; hearing the noise, there was even our land lord and his group of drinking buddies. They came so fast, like the switching scenes of a movie. The police came and took some pointless reports. We had a hard time making other folks in hostels believe that we were attacked by some lunatics as everyone we phoned thought we were playing some prank. Some finally even came over and stayed for the night. There was glass all around the place and everyone slept in the hallway.

Then, one of us was missing! No one remembered about him until then. He usually baths around midnight, the same time when this happened. "We are in deeper shit!!", we all thought, then suddenly, he came out from under the bed. Seems that, he was "hiding". He was apparently sleeping and (he says) he thought that all of this was some earthquake and went under the bed when he started to hear the glass fall. Also, he knows karate and stuff. The next day followed an, even bigger slogan shouting, and there was police all over the place. We managed to get everyone a reason to go wild. The was a local hartal and college was suspended for the day. And for the police, came to get more of that FIR. We never heard from them again.

When I think back, we had a few hard to sleep nights after that. And also a few long night discussions, about who could have done it. There were lots of rumors that followed too. I still think, many people had hand in this. The fags who lived around the college have always been trying to bully us students. Whatever the truth maybe, it ended in us paying for all the damages. Such an incident never happened after that (yet), there was routine police rounds around the college and surroundings after (till today). And the ruling party got a better image, makes me think if it was and inside job even. Politics, I say.