Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Conversations Of Time And Bird: Part 2

Nature, do you think it exists?
What we think as nature is earth? What is not us?
Like the disasters.
But we are nature. We are the chaos.

But we create beautiful things. Like numbers.
And we use them for higher abstractions.
We build nature.
We change. We make change.
This is like the "way" things flow.
Like an equation, that is too far from our reach.

You see a girl, a hot one. She is hot because of years of natural selection. Purely random changes that creates a pattern.
The one which survives.
And one who gets the one from the other side.

We make art.
We define unique.
All this, out of this chaos.
Very, much like a picture painting itself.
Like a memetic conscience, that just got created out of nothingness.
Just pure beauty.