Monday, June 13, 2011

The Real Fight Club

That ardent urge to break your boss's nose, to get on that TV set with a baseball bat, to run very fast, to burn a building. Well, this happens in movies alright. But... in real world you end up being the one with the broken nose. You want to kill someone, but you can't. You want to beat you dog, because it didn't stop barking, but you can't. You want to take shit on your boss's wife, you want to stop faking smiles, you want to sleep in office, you want to sit still, you want to kick some guy on the train on his balls and ask him to shut up, but you can't. All this, anger, pain and frustration - builds up and your head explodes into tiny pieces, soaked in blood. But... it doesn't. Really.

Its the human way of finding closure. Being able to keep sane and be what he really is. Fake things and give it a smile. Be the real himself someone where else. Break a bone, kill a bug, or twist his ankle or something like that. The human ability to create alter egos, exist in them. To become monsters and wake up with a puppy face. Its his very own Fight Club. You really fight.

It could be his bathroom or maybe taking a long drive or diving into music or some metal or maybe ranting on twitter or crushing a hundred paper sheets or cutting down trees or air punching or pulling out hair or chocking himself with a polythene bag or eating, eating a lot or bungee jumping or skydiving or shouting at his dog or kicking a ball or screaming alone or sleeping or writing something or crying or being alone. Well, everyone finds their Fight Club one way or the other. Something that makes them feel better, something that makes them smile again, something that they could hold on to, like friends, random strangers on the internet or talking trees or your imaginary friend or maybe your pet squirrel. This is the real Fight Club. But they don't tell anyone, not even you.

The first rule of Fight Club is,  you do not talk about Fight Club. ~ Tyler Durden