Sunday, March 28, 2010

Story Of My Hair

The first thing now someone says to me is that,
What is your hair? Engineering style huh? 
Puthiya trend arikkum alle?
Man, guess there are no barbers in your place?
Poi mudi vettadaa!!!
And I just say, style :D - laughing inside - generation gap. In this free country I find it extremely hard to grow my own hair. My grandmother gives me strange looks like, I married a girl from some another caste - "Nalloru cherukkanarunnu, ippo kando, mudi-yum valathi branthane pole aayi" It's harder than I thought, its harder that automata languages and computations. What is this? Social stigma? Black Magic? Taboo?
Last day we had lab exam vivas and I was sitting eagerly for the first question, and the examiner asked me, "Why are u growing your hair?" Perplexed!!! I gave him a strange look. He gave me a look back and said, "Nalla kolam!!!". I guess he even lowered my scores for growing hair or was it the stare?
I never grew hair, always had a decent boy haircut. My mom always used to say, Go cut your hair, when the threshold had been reached and the regular visit to the barber shop. That guy should miss me by now! I even get strange comments always. People say a lot of things, some say its good and like "dude, freak look!!!" and some others say, "Mudi vettadaaa, kandittu oru branthane polundu".
I'll never in my life will grow hair again. I'll cut hair tomorrow.Two things that never come into my mind now. Guess what, grandmother gave me money to cut hair. I guess if I grow more hair, I'll earn more. At last  I found some use to all this hair. And for everyone's horror, I grew a goatee too. Well oh yeah, the goatee came before the long hair.

Anyways this is summer madness, and I'm in no mood to cut these locks now. Guess I should color it green now! I can imagine the look in my moms face already!

And Now I Remember

Actually I was trying to post a new entry for sometime now, but it keeps being pushed away due to strange reasons. Anyway, there was no quiet reason for writing this anyway. It summer anyway and heat is awesome, it makes me do strange things. I'm single now. Thinking about all those beautiful girls that passed through my life, I'm happy to remain single still.:P

One day some guy asked me whether my blog was for real? The things posted were all true. Well I its part fiction part reality. Oh wait, its real all right, but since the world actually sometimes peeks into this blog, I try to confine things rather to a safe margin.

Well this weather is actually awesomely-bad. I sick of this heat. Well anyway, it gives me uninterrupted supply of fresh fruits, lots of juices and cold drinks and the ice-creams.  That's cool.

Btw, why am I writing this again, yeah Now I Remember,  I'm single again, thanks to Summer heat. :-O