Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Philanthropist

He always looked shabby, wore a khaki shirt and shorts and a pair of old dirty slippers. He used to be a regular folk. Came mostly on thursdays. He had a big bag, always looked stuffed, and his hair had started turning gray. He was unique. My grandmother used to give him some coins usually whenever he came. It was like, a decade back I guess, I used to be at her back when ever I see this guy - maybe I was scared. At the end of the day, I fell sad for the poor soul, I used to wonder why everyone was so heartless, can't they just help him, give him some more money, I used to feel bad, angry at my parents.
I was in a bus station, with some friends recently. Pondering about things. A girl and her mother came asked for some money. She looked lean and thin. No one responded, not even me and continues our endless talks. When you look back, what difference did it make, still why blame someone, my philanthropist.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our damn day out

11:30 pm
some date
Sunday , night

Phone rings...

rish: hello.. whatz up?
me: nothin much,
rish: dude!, whatz the plan for tomoro?
me: i have some stuff...a marriage to attend!
rish: there a tech fest in TCE.., ru comin??
me: hmm...
rish: cm'on everyonez there...
me: well i already with somethings here..
rish: come on now! everyonez on!
me. ok..i'll try!
rish: don't try, come early this time!

I woke up around 5:00 am. Waking up is like hell! Man i hate waking up like most of "us" and there is a guy in my hostel who wakes up just as his alarm sounds. I wonder how he does that! Everybody has some talent -right!Anyways... I'm an 8'O clock'r usually, due to classes, damn they start at 9am. Oh!
Ah!, well with the story now, after all those waking up story, I got up a bus and reached the hostel. Reaching this is itself a herculean task. The buses are so crowed especially on Monday mornings no matter what time it is. Can't all these people sit at home and relax maybe.
Crap!, i reached the hostel to find everyone still on bed at 8:30am! Pull'd everyone down, got everyone up - right after half an hour of battel over the beds. Another gruesome wait to get everyone inside the damn jeans and stuff.
Usually we go for all these "Tech Fests" to play games - online gaming contests and sometimes some debugging stuff. Our way of finding the way out of the boring lecture hours, u could say.
 My God! Exclaimed someone at back. I seems we have to go further from here. It was already a damn bus ride, narrow roads, croweded by natures lushness and green everywhere and not a soul in sight. Who will build such a college, at such a place? Now we have to taravel like 30 more minutes in bus that come once in a lifetime -sort of. Finally a bus came, got it and came to some junction, supposed to be where the college is. Nothing - seems like the middle of nowhere. Suddenly a Yamaha came from no where, asked for directions and the college is still 2kms and we have to walk up. Whatever, what can we do, walked and finally -land!
Sweet fruits of victory, the smell of hope, the feeling of being at top of the world we found the college at last. Guys, come on - there is the reception! A girl at the reception told that there wasn't any events left except for debate or something! Oh! crap. Yeah it 2:40pm all right.
Lets go and eat something and think later. The canteen was near by, the only place you can find to get something to eat in miles. Maybe they should name it "The Oasis or something". "Only biriyani left". Ok whatever, it did even cost than usual. Its better not to say anything about the dish. Somehow everyone finished up -hunger killed my taste buds.
What did we do that day? Travel half a ton just to eat a biriyani?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Delete this thread...

Delete this thread, a communicative interpretation of the artistic minds of young innovators in the field of critic novelist endeavors. This is one of the most infamous threads in Orkut's Kerala Community. Critically acclaimed for its unique style of approach for daily life and happenings. Readers just love it. :-p

Reviews and commets:

ban de thread starter...... lovin dis thread.............

somebody please delete this thread b4 boaz comes with more reasons......
somebody please delete this thread b4 boaz comes with more reasons......
somebody please delete this thread b4 boaz comes with more reasons......
somebody please delete this thread b4 boaz comes with more reasons......
somebody please delete this thread b4 boaz comes with more reasons......

Anil:[Owner Kerala Community]
Boaz ... this is the best thread in a while.
Boaz seems to be a genius.

boaz dont stop..keep posting........buhahahaa

delete-o? this historic thread?

really cool.........this is an interesting thread!!!!!!

Rabboni! Maryann:
Stupendous Bo!
Simply stupendous!!!
Doubt if anyone can match ur
annoyingly nonsensical entertaining posts....

poor boaz must be feeling so bad..
its the first time somebody is asking for his post to be deleted and no body is ready to acknowledge him

The thread even entered the Hall Of Fame on 11/11/07

My Suicide Letter

It's been almost two decades of glory and criticism since i first stepped on this earth. Seen many things- the beauty of this world, never ending rivers and seamless wonders of the evening horizon. Done things that i never thought i could. Hiking mountains, crossed rivers, swam across the seas. I got loved ones whom i never even saw before. Felt the soothing cool breeze, drunk , felt the ecstatic euphorias, saw those heart felt moments of life. I even do cherish all those livelong memories.

Now i'm saturated with all those. This monotone had taken over. Nothing more that invokes any interest. So that's it. Goodbye World. Goodbye Forever..!!

-with love

Check out in orkut

Thursday, May 08, 2008

The one who saved my life

Its was long back, like in 6th grade or something. I was some restless when we decided to head on to India's second largest amusement park in Cochin - Veegaland . Well actually it was in its prime stages of development, but it still had all the pools, slides and some of the rides. The pool of most of the slides were too deep at that , I mean its like too deep anyway the just changed all those now.

Anyway, in the gush of adrenalin ecstasy, i climbed on the slide and jumped on.. it was fun altogether but it soon ended! At the end of the ride I just fell heads on into the deep pool. Everything was blue. The feeling of suffocation, the soundless background.

"I'm going to die" - I thought. "This is what dieing feels like" - I thought again. But something pulled me up. I was on my legs again. It was a tall, dark man with a long hand, i really don't remember him anyway. Finally i realized that he was the life guard at the pool. So much for all that. After a few hiccups and coughs, I moved on to the rest of the rides.

Friday, April 18, 2008


i guess 2008's good...btw well i kept everything simple with a no frills options and things like anything that i could ponder about, please do drop it in:

"...everything which has an end has a beginning..."

I made this blog thinking of sharing my life. Obviously, started with some tremendous energy and exaggerated posting promises which never finds any place in at least my life, every thing came to a stand still. But still some things sparked again. Well actually many of the blogs inspired me to start writing in my own. The Compulsive Confessor is one of the things that kind of led me into this blogging business again. So i'm happy any way...

anyway here it goes, don't expect all the punctuations to be right as i'm kind of lazy all the time :p