Sunday, June 14, 2009

Letter in Blood

This girl was one of the popular one in class, you could actually say, school too for so many reasons. All rounder maybe. And it was in 9th, when everything started. Everyone suddenly looked gorgeous. You know that feeling when, love is in the air. Anyway, there were three guys who were after this girl. And the day came when she knew about all these three, were in love and agreed to choose between them.

One of the contestant in the Swayamvara, a close friend, thought of expressing his love for her. Hormones maybe, anyway he managed to get this girls handkerchief and decided to write I Love You - in blood! Cool, everyone thought. So it began. We took a pin and pierced his fingers one by one...That wasn't easy you see. He didn't have so much blood. We could only complete the I and half of love with that. And came the next machine of pain, an old Gillette Blade. It was pain all right but no blood, that left lots of scars on his hand.

Oh, we were running out of time. So we had a secret plan, then someone took a geometry compass and punched one of the spectator. Blood, lots of blood. So we could happily complete the task. So it was completed. The great words in blood. Also, that poor guys blood was all over the place and that added beauty to the letter with splats and funky designs.

So after the school hours, he showed this to the girl. She stared for a second and walked away. Never realised that it was written in blood.

The next day she chose one of the other guys.