Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Big Fat Love Story

Ok, after much serious sessions of complex exchanges between my inner self - about the repercussions of this post, I actually made up my mind about this. I never thought this would happen to me - ever. Average little girl. They say love happens unknowingly. True, very much.

Is this feeling really called love? Something tingles your stomach when you think about her. You could sacrifice sleep, just to lay down and think about her. Felt like I live only just to see her. Why do someone like me, feel crazy for a girl that I've hardly even seen? This was a very strange feeling, something new and weird but I liked it. But nothing works out as in fairy tales. So many 'but' in this story.

I felt cornered from this world - alone, though I'm surrounded. When she talks to the whole world, I wished if she just smile at me. I felt alienated. I couldn't sleep. Music was my only hope. I wish I just could forget her and undo all these. But I could not stop thinking about her. Time is a strange concept, a doctor, a psychiatrist, a cure. It heals. But always, she will remain as my first crush.