Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Insanities

Do you believe that everything happens with a purpose?

Do you believe, all these things in the world, everything happens with a purpose? Everything has a clear future, a strong past and is being led by some string? The clock ticks for a reason? The dog pees for a reason? MY dog pees for a reason :P :O ?? I tweet for a reason? The phone rings for a reason? Reason? Reason?

How can someone expect a reason for all this randomness. This world of epic entropy and nearly nothing but random things happening at random times. People fight for a reason, believing someone made these things and makes them do what they do for a reason. The same reason for there is no reason. 

Random, nothing happens for a reason. Nothing, and I mean it. Think about these terms: chance, entropy, probability, predictability. There is no reason, there is just man's desperate effort to make order out of chaos, but the last man standing is entropy. People try to relate the past into future, making reason for the incidents, pointing the finger at patterns, there is no such thing, but just a probability distribution. If you really want to respect something or someone, respect time, the concept as strange and expense as it sounds, the master of all games. 

What is the reason behind me writing this? No reason, just another random thing in my life and I like to believe it that way. There is nothing behind anything, no purpose, no destiny, but we make them they way they are now. We do things, we make destiny. 

Do you believe in purpose? Do you believe, everything happens for a reason? Do you believe in destiny? Think again...

This world is random. This world is insane. This world is entropy.
I throw a Die, this Random Insanities.


  1. Its not reason, its because of uncertainty principle.... :P :P

  2. Random Thoughts, Random Theories, Random Insanities :P