Thursday, May 08, 2008

The one who saved my life

Its was long back, like in 6th grade or something. I was some restless when we decided to head on to India's second largest amusement park in Cochin - Veegaland . Well actually it was in its prime stages of development, but it still had all the pools, slides and some of the rides. The pool of most of the slides were too deep at that , I mean its like too deep anyway the just changed all those now.

Anyway, in the gush of adrenalin ecstasy, i climbed on the slide and jumped on.. it was fun altogether but it soon ended! At the end of the ride I just fell heads on into the deep pool. Everything was blue. The feeling of suffocation, the soundless background.

"I'm going to die" - I thought. "This is what dieing feels like" - I thought again. But something pulled me up. I was on my legs again. It was a tall, dark man with a long hand, i really don't remember him anyway. Finally i realized that he was the life guard at the pool. So much for all that. After a few hiccups and coughs, I moved on to the rest of the rides.

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