Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Avatar Day

Avatar, it took about 4 years to make the movie and another 9 years of planning and a humongous budget of about Rs. 2000 cr. Heard that James Cameron made up a new production and "invented" the technology for making the movie. My God!, besides all those hype, and a rating of 8+ in imdb, we decided to watch Avatar 3D back in Cochin. Well, after a quick completion of the week's classes, we were out there to watch Avatar.

It all started back in 19 December 2009 (:P), (the 2nd day of release of Avatar) when we boarded the train to Cochin. According to our planing specialist, we were expected to board a train at 12:00 am or like 1:00 am (like there is a big difference) and will be reaching Cochin around 5:00 am in the morning, which leaves us plenty of time for shower, breakfast and getting the tickets. Well, but nothing goes according to plan, as always. We got an earlier train this time, which was pretty much all empty. We got in and after a couple of stations, it went hay-wire, the completely empty train was crowded by pandi's. Everyone probably back from Sabrimala. Damn! all those noises and shouting and smell, gross. People were sleeping - on top, under the seat, besides the toilet, hanging down the window, and like in some yoga position.

And finally, Cochin, the fresh air... ahem. 5:00 am.

We made it to my Dad's place, had a couple of hours of sleep. Hit the shower and after a struggle around Cochin's very own traffic, we made it to Sreedar Cineplex. All those made us to quit the day's breakfast (like any other day in college) Oh no! we could see the long queue from the other side of the street. Aaaahhh! There was no screening on the first day? What? (there was no show on 18th because of some technical problem) That makes this show, the premier of Avatar 3D in Cochin. Great!!! :'(

By the time we reached the place, balcony was already full. No tickets in black. No nothing. There was more police than you can find in the stations and the tickets costs over a 100 bucks. Pheeeww... now whats next? Heading over the longer queues we found guys from college standing there for hours in that queue extending beyond the entrance to the theater. Poor boys. Probably we won't get tickets either, if we stand in there.

OK! time to think. The line was bent at the entrance to the ticket counter due to all those rush. Anyway (due to our widespread technical expertise in the field of ticket purchasing from years of painstaking experience, dude, we are engineers - at least!), we got a couple of our best guys into the line, just another trick up our sleeves! There was this police guy who was getting nuts by all the crowd, doing strange thing with his cane, more like in a Kung-fu movie. He wasn't allowing anyone to get near the counter, but our boys were in. That police guy gets more action-hungry when girls gets near, he beats all the dudes away, poor dudes! (like always the girls blame boys for all that). Finally after some constant texting and calls with our ticket-boys inside, we got 'em. Carrying those heavy bags on our back which was there from the staring of the trip, 'cause everyone was returning back for Christmas Holidays, it was just a pain in the ass. Well we got our tickets as everyone jumped in joy and enthusiasm. What? The seats were almost filled! We managed to move those poor guys at the front rows and finally got ourselves a front row seats. (moved a couple - here and there for getting consecutive seating) The movie started. Perfect. Everyone was spellbound. The 3D was so real too.

What-you-know!, we didn't go through all that for nothing. The movie was spect-a-cularly-fanta-bulous. Best in the year maybe!

Poor guys from our college, heard that they didn't get the tickets for the whole day's show, after being in that line like - forever.


  1. It was a good movie, good visual effects.

  2. and i was waiting for ur review...and u just said spect-a-cularly-fanta-bulous...LOlzzzzzzz

  3. ithaanu parayunnath, keralathil janichal valla kochi ilo TVM ilo jeevikkanamenn.. Now about Trivandrum.. Both vettaikaran and Avatar were released on same day. i didn't know that avatar was released. I tried a ticket for vettaikaran.. But all 4 theatres were crowded like anything. So chumma gandhi-park il poyi irikkamenn vecchu. Avide avatar poster kandu. So went to Sree-padmanabha (Dolby Digital Surround, JBL 7.xx ennokke parayum.. verum AHUJA speaker aanu avide) . Oru kunjum illa kaanan. a little rush in the reservation side. Chumma keri padam kandu, balcony.. Nalla polappan padam. Same case with dark-knight. Ninakk TVM vandi keriyal porayirunnoda?? you could have seen the movie twice...

  4. @CT :P :D, btw what/who is Aashiana?

    dinkaaa... kochi alle kurachukoodi style?? ee tvm okke orumathiri place alle? :P :P Endayalum.. we had some sound problem at the start.. but i was ok later... endayalum padam polapppan arunnu... pinne... btw... ee dinkan ninte official name akkiyo??

  5. TVM kalipp area aaneda.. ninne pole ulla payalukalkk pidikkilla. pinne dinkan code-name (team name) aanu. google "dinkan".. appo manasilaakum.. meanwhile i heard that the story of avatar is similiar to "Lalettan" film "Vietnam Colony". Sambhavam correct aanu. only difference : athil aliens illa, pandora illa :P

  6. aaa TVM alle dinkaa... nammakrariyatha polle... yeah... after being said Vietnam colony.. it seems like that to me too :P