Saturday, July 10, 2010

Laments Of My Soul

I ran , faster and faster, I tipped off a rock and fell down, I was running so fast that I couldn't see a thing. I bruised my forehead in the fall. I stood up, turned around, what am I missing here? I still have a heavy heart, what is happening to me? Chill of being alone, this place doesn't look familiar. This gravel road, with grass - seamless grass all around the path.I can't stop, I still have a long way to go. But, I miss so many things, I miss everything in my life, small things which made me happy. I'm not sad, but it doesn't feel right!

Well, they were right, I tried to change things but, the only thing changed was me. I miss my old friends, I miss innocence. I miss little takes in my life. I wish I could sleep all day, in my mom's lap. I wanna play with my dog. Sit along the playground with my friends and gaze at the trees and grass, dance to the wind. I miss those days when I used to pretend I was sick, and skip school, so that my mom and dad, would stay back home too. I miss school bus. I miss my bicycle. I miss old silly celebrations. I miss all of that, which so went away from my life, and what could I do? Stand here in this long damped road and watch... Gaze till this end of horizon. I wish I could cry, cry like a child, just cry loudly, for no reason.

Everything changed so fast, I... I just don't wanna grow this fast. I can't! I can't stop here, this place is so strange. This life, I am finding happiness again. Memories that keeps me happy. Smells, tastes and dreams that still makes me smile. This pain in my head grew. I pressed the wound, just a bit of blood, seems its okay, its gonna be fine.Umm... I could smell it, the rain it starts. Its raining hard. It made my converse wet. I turned and started running, again, while it rained.


  1. Well-written!=] & a universal theme!

  2. dis is sumthing which i too lament seems very much like u have put words to my thoughts...very well written :)i too miss my childhood..and dont wanna grow up :(