Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Of Interweaved Parallel Realities and Coffee

Suddenly she was shouting in the class for something quite funny. I wasn't listening to her either. She was furious. Then it occurred to me. What if there was a parallel reality linked with everyone of us and these just met randomly when we interacted? What if everyone sees the same time-space continuum-world-paradox-inception-thing differently? It's not like you can get into their heads and see what they are seeing. I always wanted to do that,  to get inside someone else's head and see the world as they see it, to see if they are perceiving it the same way I do. 

Anyway, I was sunk low, dragged into this narrow vortex of white space, where people walked in a 3-dimensional bubble. She was still shouting at us, her reality affecting each of us, making new parallel realities, where this existed and did not. Like the group of girls that joined later, combining their realities, adding-subtracting from our parallels, from even my parallel understanding. 

Then I thought what if I didn't make that choice? What if I never did let him commit? What if she never shouted at everyone? There were so many parallel universes. And even the little choices people around us changed our reality, constantly, and transforming into newer combinations, never-ending combos, but all our realities linked - interweaved, like we didn't have a choice, like we were meager puppets. 

Then I thought I would let go. Let others take control of my reality. I walked with them. I didn't speak. I let them take control, chocking it. Then someone got me a coffee, but I paid for it. Coffee anyone?

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