Monday, October 14, 2013

The Watchmen

Hypothetical world has only one kind of job. To watch others. They change shifts, they switch places. One being watched becomes the one who is watching. They make records, logs. Then there are others, like a few hundred thousand billions, who support this enterprise. The ones who cook, the ones who manage and the ones who check. Then there are people. Like us. We are hidden. Living in darkness, under their cloud.

Forgotten, like we never even existed. Shutdown in this slum underneath. A world lit by the corporations that formed during the renaissance. They stand on our heads when people die. They die because of hunger and helplessness. They do not speak now. They do not cry either. They know their probable future and watch other eat the dead. Survival.

I see all this through this small hole I dug. I made it out of that place now! I can watch. I can watch everything. I can now.


P.S: Read this in the voice of Tyler Durden.


  1. That P.S should have been bigger. And right at the top :) . Changes what the whole thing means.

  2. you are the all singing, all dancing crap of the world.

  3. @thirteen I think it did the job either way :D

    @Mukesh It's just that all these could be pointed to all the bad this world has.

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