Saturday, March 07, 2009

Change is good

When I walk this road again, I see an evident change. A positive change, people are changing for good. This new life gives me a hope of a better land. It's not all our fault, we are a generation raised by another wrong generation. Some of which had instilled the creepiest feelings into this young minds, making another work turn. It's not all our fault that we cripple upon corruption and that we are biased, we are raised like that. A generation raised by a wrong one. An old generation with an their ideas that were wise, maybe fair when they walked. Times changed, let people change for good. Shouldn't everyone realise something? They're happy with their life. Earns some job, owns a car, goes out and party. Everyone is happy with what they have, just like that. Slaves of this society, I say. Break free, have a fight, do something that you always wanted to do, try something different that makes you smile. Like that ad said, Reclaim your Life, just because we should change for good.

A bomb is made to explode, that's it's meaning, it's purpose, you're life is empty because you spend it trying to stop the bomb from becoming a bomb and for who, for what?. Do you know, what a bomb is that doesn't explode, its a cheap gold watch, just a cheap gold watch buddy!

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