Friday, March 27, 2009

If I were that kite

I saw a kite flying by, so high that its just like a spot, though u could make it out as a kite. They are so free, flying high, nothing to fear. Being a predator is a damn easy job. What's so special, you hunt and get your prey. Being a kite will be fun, I guess - flying over the redeeming lands, traverse mountains and skim over the oceans, still enjoying a fresh catch. What do you u have to fear? I could have unlearned this worldly things. Relinquish my pain. Forget my past. What do I have to worry about? No politics, no war, no riots. Fly over the blue seamless horizon. But, one day, all of a sudden the hunter pulled his trigger. Blast! I was falling down. Damn! I'm Dead. Life ain't that easy my boy, it isn't.

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