Monday, May 24, 2010

Balloon In Flavours

I always like to blog about my friend's experiences. Stories they tell me, love, hate, embarrassment, lose - whatever. This is yet another true story.

Protagonist is a fellow being, who confessed this in the strangest of times, dunno why, but still it makes a wonderful subject for my blog. This happened when he was a little bit more younger, like say make 7 years from now. The cities monotone made him to enjoy the family get-together's, usually packed with cousins and friends and kids of his age. That's a probable relief from school.

To add up to the fun, it was his youngest uncle's after-marriage-math hours. The couple wedded 4 days ago and this being a Sunday, had the whole family down pour for party. This gave the lady folk yet another opportunity to blabber till eternity and the gents to do some talks too about the effects of - "Poverty after marriage" and "The Political Roller-coaster" , not to mention the "occasional" drinks. In short it was a fun-filled-all-talk-full-rubbish-awesome-big-fat-Indian-semi-wedding-reception-party-with-lots-of-kids-to-play-around like situation. 

These pack of kids where running around frantically to find new things to do. To be in limelight. They were running around the place, not knowing what to do, reminds me of the Sea-gulls in Finding Nemo :P. Anyways, the restless search around the house ended in finding a pack of balloons. Cool, he thought, and started blowing it up. It became big, really big and was kind of strange looking too. 

The delighted pack of monkeys, started making the most out of it. They played a round of football, and then some tennis, and some rugby and some more cricket and some ping-pong and to end it with a dodge ball session with the balloon of course! They ran across the corridor where the adult folks were having their part of the share.

Suddenly, everything went so quiet, dead quiet. It was like America has just dropped down another Little Boy, this time, without a sound. Every pair of eyes where glued on the kids and the balloon. The masculines gave the ladies a strange stare. In a split second, the kids where shooed away and the balloon was thrown away. They poor kids went, perplexed. What the boy didn't know was, that was a condom!


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