Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blues All The Way, And A Double Too

I've been trying to write this post for a couple of days. But still, its hard to write a post amidst all these work, literally! Oh yeah, after like 4 years of waiting, The Blues won the English Premier League. There is no more Manchester United, no more Rooney Glory, 'cause we won the title. I hope this is a pretty good season for most of the teams I'm supporting, like Chennai Super Kings won the IPL and Rafa is on a run and hope to reclaim the Clay again.
 Chelsea,  what an end to the amazing season. The last match was a thriller, sheer domination, perfect way to end the season. This season actually could be one of the most exciting seasons, had its strange nky ways of twisting and turning till the last match, which was a death match for both of the table leaders. And the best team won! I'm happy for them. Happy for Drogba, happy for Terry and rest of the guys for having a record breaking 103 goal haul. 

Double, yeah right. (Piece of Cake) beating Portsmouth, thanks to Drogba yet again. On good thing that happened, is that I don't have to see those corny ManU fans! And guess what? I can crush 'em now, kick their asses and beat 'em till they plead for mercy, 'cause we the Blues are the new Gods. That's like awesome! I can't wait till I see those fools again.

Good work Chelsea, and the fans for giving such and amazing season! Truly "The Pride Of London".

See more of the celebration in Flickr

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