Sunday, March 27, 2011

The College, The Life and Whole Lot of Achaar.

Everything ends but nothing does actually. Its kind of a strange observation that people tend to miss something or someone even though they are connected via the phone or internet, like all the time I mean. So, for me, its an end to an era, of being happy, carefree and all that fun.

You see, there will be a time you actually think you don't belong here. But its more than that. You start to miss the silliest things, the lamest joke, your friends and this you. So, if you weren't here all the time, at least when I was here, this is for you.

The college part of this life is the same old sick joke, maybe. Boring lectures, assignments, crappy test, fights and all that running for internals. But the best things happen after that. Why this place was special was because of all there people over here. The hostel was the best thing happened. We lived outside the campus and 10 of us in a house. We were kicked out, reinstated, shifted and hell it was fun. Nights were the most adored stuff, fights and weird leg pulling. Life here was the shit and parties, God! Those late night preparations, long drives, late night eating at Ashtamudi. This life was all about do what you feel like doing. If you were not here, you missed it. Really you did.

Lot of things happen in the middle. If I start cribbing all of them, this will never end. And suddenly there was Achaar. There are many theories how Achaar was formed, it was impulsive, it just happened, just like that. The best part of Achaar was, no one knew nothing. No one sang, played any instruments or had some special talent. But we were different. Like the crowed loved whatever we did. Hell, they did. I dunno actually why, but they really did. Achaar was us, the group of like 10, who joined forces to do whatever we felt like. We were awesome.

If you were not here, you missed the forest, its lions, the stream, the ponds and the reckless paths around. You missed the mangoes and all those strange fruits that grew inside. You missed the last night preparations. You missed all that food, those day scholars brought and we ate. You missed throwing paper balls at the lecturer and each other. You missed the sleeping in the class. You missed telling lies to get all the money to buy ice-creams. You missed the crappy food from the canteen. You really missed our awesomest tours, our hideouts and surprise visits to some random friends house just to eat. You missed going for marriages of some stranger. You really missed just watching everyone in class. You really missed the hostel life. You missed the goondas. You missed stupid cocktails. You missed a lot of things, small things that made this place special, if you weren't with us. This place was fun. This place had life. We were.