Saturday, May 07, 2011

Moonlight Run

I kept running, It was dark, I could vaguely see a thing. I had been there, but had a faint memory of the whole place. I kept running. Finally, there was the gate. Its pretty high and had dogs on the other side. I threw a stone into the compound, away from the gate and the dogs ran after that. I climbed up on the fence which followed up to the balcony of the house. Its pretty a hard jump, but I could make it.

Luck is a strange act of probability. You see, there were so many houses around that place was first but then, finding the right room in that big Manson. Luck, whatever you call it. She was on her bed. The window was open, with curtains blowing out of them. The thing about this window, it was wide and big. I could easily crawl in. So, I got in and before that, I dropped some biscuits for the dogs on the other side of the balcony, just in case.

I'm pretty good at this. I got it without a noise and tied her down to the bed using the nylon thread I had in my backpack. I took her alarm clock and set it to 4:00am. Took one of her shoes and threw it away. I pasted the big mid-finger poster I drew in her room and locked her room from the inside and thew the key away. Then, I managed a half mustache on her face. Moonlight was happening then. Anyway, she looked peacefully beautiful. I kissed a goodbye and jumped off.

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